Exercises To Do When You Are Pregnant


Working out becomes more vital during the pregnancy period than any other time. Those that are not accustomed to working out are advised to start to facilitate a healthy pregnancy period. Exercises make the child’s delivery more easier and women that exercise during their prenatal period are more apt to recover faster than those women that don’t. As much as some exercises may pose as danger to pregnant women, they should not refrain from working out. Exercising should cover the entire pregnancy period and an effective work out plan should be devised after discussing with a health advent or a doctor. Here are three exercises that are great and safe for pregnant mothers to try out and fix it in their schedule:

Swimming: Health experts and fitness expatriates found swimming to be one of the safest work out exercise for the pregnant women. During swimming your heart rate is raised facilitating an ample cardiovascular exercise that doesn’t generate the risk of overheating your body. Swimming also aids in keeping the skin toned and one is less likely to add on weight at that instance and causing stress to the joints. Being one of the easiest and fun exercise, it is the most recommended exercise for the pregnant women. The pregnant women are advised not to try scuba diving or water surfing and try as much as they can to stick to normal swimming to avoid complications or even risking the fetus.

Take It Easy, Mamas! Pregnant Exercising Can Be Dangerous
Take It Easy, Mamas! Pregnant Exercising Can Be Dangerous

Jogging and Running: To those that were used to running before the pregnancy period can continue with their running exercise. One is advised to get good light, flat shoes for the exercise and ensure that you are well hydrated during the entire session to curb the problem of overheating. If you were not used to running before you became pregnant, then you will have to talk to your health care providers to advise you on a proper running program.

Aerobics: Aerobics are also safe and easy exercises for most pregnant women. Pertinent to this, most of the health and fitness clubs have special designed classes for pregnant women that any pregnant woman should consider enrolling. To those doing aerobics exercises for the first time, they should consider seeing their health care providers for advice before commencing on the program. One should also refrain from exercising while lying on the back for prolonged time periods.

faq on exercising while pregnant
faq on exercising while pregnant

Doing push-ups on your knees rather than on full plank is important in the prevention of diastasis and it doesn’t cause abdominal crunches that might be risky to the fetus. Pregnant women can try these pushups and make them routine especially early when they are waking up, or late before they retire to bed. Push-ups are less risky if done with caution to prevent putting pressure on your stomach and the back. One can try doing them at an angle once their belly become too big or doing them while stepping on a wall.

These exercises are meant to prevent women against weight gains as well as allowing for a free metabolism that allows for the safety of the child. Practicing yoga to reduce stress is also an ideal exercise that can complement the above exercises. Walking too is an effective exercise and pregnant women are advised to try walking if they can.

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Your Next Performance Appraisal: 5 Ways To Ace It!

If you are longing for an opportunity to ask for a raise from your boss, the best chance you’ve got is your next work performance appraisal; and if you thought before this is just something to be taken lightly, then you’re wrong. Your performance appraisal is the guiding light of your company to know how well you deserve a promotion or a raise. If you weren’t getting the work credit you deserve, it’s likely that feedbacks about your work aren’t good. So if you value your career and the direction it needs to take enough to make sure you ace your next performance appraisal, take this proactive steps so the boss’ favor will be on your side next time.

#1. Show your boss you’re serious about giving the company quality work

Do this by sitting down with your boss and asking him what specific goals he wants you to meet in the coming months. Since your boss is on top of everything, he knows exactly what work outputs are important to the company and just how much priority must be put into each. Also, asking this question makes your performance highly tangible and helps your boss focus on what he really needs for you to do. By the time your review arrives you’ll be able to confidently provide examples of work accomplishments.

How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Review
How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Review

#2. Be definite

If you are keen on the ideal work performance then ask the boss to explain his idea of a great performance as compared to an average one with each work objectives. Or better yet, ask him what would make him give you the highest rate for an accomplished work.

#3. Stay on the same page with your boss

This means literally asking the boss to check on your work at least on a quarterly basis to find out if you’re on track. This shouldn’t be a burden to your boss as your accomplished objectives will take part in his credits too. Meanwhile, this shows your boss your true dedication to the job.

The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit:
The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit:

#4. “Is there a way I can make this work better and easier?”

You know what they say about a winning attitude – they always look for ways to make things better instead of saying “that’s the way things have been”. Sometimes the help that you need to make work easier is just across your desk or by the other cubicle. It’s true that while being too engrossed with your own work you try to multi-task everything when all you really need is a helping hand from others. Be open to ask for help; you’ll be surprised at just how much they are easy to get.

#5. Look for the “rising star” and follow his moves

For someone in the office to become a “rising star” he must be doing something right. Your job is to find out what that is and learn to do the same. If possible, be involved in this guy’s work even on the surface until he’s comfortable telling you his work principles, disciplines and yes, secrets. If you’ve become friend to each other then he’ll be more than happy to let you in his circle that might help in the way you do your work and nail that next performance appraisal.

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Tips To Make More Time For Yourself


Many people want to make better and optimum use of their time at work. Everyone wants to be more creative and productive in order to get ahead in his or her career. However, not each one of us is ready to spend every waking minute at work.

Time management is about making a commitment to be more organized and managing yourself efficiently. It is about focusing and using your time to your best advantage.

3 Ways to Help You Manage Your Time Better

Stick to your plan

  • Maintain and follow a to-do list and continually update it including urgent and non-urgent items. This will help you remember things properly without forgetting or overlooking anything again.

  • Allocate your time properly for each action and include the date by which the task must be completed.

  • Set proper deadlines and respect them religiously. While setting deadlines, be realistic and strive to meet them. It is more professional and less stressful to establish and adhere to an action plan.

3 Powerful Tips to Make More Time
3 Powerful Tips to Make More Time

Avoid wasting your time

  • Access your email at fixed interval of times during the day and use your voice mail to get few uninterrupted hours for your work. Do not touch same email or piece of paper twice unnecessarily. Avoid opening your mail box unless you are free to read mails and take actions on them like replying, filing or deleting them.

  • Keep yourself organized by organizing your computer files and email folders. This will help you find things easily and quickly. Normally, people waste time searching for lost information. It is best to keep everything in place and with a place for everything.

  • Stick to your task firmly and avoid disruptions. Keep the office door closed if you are busy as open door policy is sometime self-defeating.

Tip Tuesday:: Want to Save Time & Money?
Tip Tuesday:: Want to Save Time & Money?

Streamline your teamwork and maintain your focus

  • Collaborate and cooperate with your colleagues to avoid any delay in your work. Allot some extra time into the project time. This will help you to be on safer side to overcome unexpected snags, missed deadlines or miscommunications.

  • Avoid unnecessary follow ups and assign the task to others unless it demands your specific attention.

  • Cancel your routine meetings if your presence is not that essential.

  • Keep one project on the go always to keep your skills sharp. Some time it is better to have two or more projects going simultaneously as it becomes easy to switch gears and work on something else for a change. It helps keep your mind active and your viewpoints fresh.

  • Keep rewarding yourself as time management is not only about work. Time management also involves scheduling some downtime to recharge your batteries and just relax. Hence, plan rewards with treats to yourself once you complete your tasks.

In short, simplify your life and create extra time in your day. Your tasks take longer if you do multi-tasking. It also makes you less efficient. There is no need to live life like this. Re-organize yourself and you will have enough free time to do things that you really love to do. You will feel less pressurized and stressed; and will boost your physical and mental well being.

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