Functional Genomics & Biomedicine

Welcome to the website of the new European Science Foundation Programme on Frontiers of Functional Genomics. This programme follows on from the very successful programme Integrated Approaches. The new programme is supported by science and medical research councils and academies in 17 participating European countries and overseen by a steering committee consisting of a representative from each country. It will connect the most promising developments in functional genomics technologies with the expanding concept of systems biology, focusing particularly on applications in biomedicine, as well as the environment and implications for society at large. Our activities will bring together a wide range of functional genomics researchers in Europe through workshops, training courses, conferences and grants for short term inter-laboratory visits. The programme is open to all interested researchers in Europe, so do think of joining us!
Mike Taussig, Chairman, October 2006

Programme Areas

Emerging Technologies
- advanced array technologies
- nanotechnology: single cell & single molecule analysis
- RNA interference: gene knockdown for functional genomics
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
- bioinformatics aspects of systems biology
- computational systems biology
Functional Genomics & Biomedicine
- epigenetics, epigenomics & cancer
- neurogenomics & disease
- metabolomics
- pharmacogenomics
- predictive, preventive & personalised medicine
Environmental Functional Genomics
- metagenomics
- biodegradation by microbial populations
Functional Genomics & Society
- public dissemination of functional genomics & disease
- social welfare, risks & ethics
- biobanking & populations
- fostering economic devlopment by technology transfer



Frontiers of Functional Genomics
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